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About Us

Quantum Intellectual Property…The choice of smart innovators…

Because ideas today are priceless, and they are the engine of development’s wheel in various fields, and the cornerstone for building high market value pioneering projects, we founded Quantum intellectual property.
Intellectual property rights in our time are essential intangible assets to both companies and individuals.
Obtaining and maintaining these rights is essential to prevent commercial exploitation of new ideas and products and the growing need for commercially relevant professional advice on all matters related to intellectual property rights imposed by the increasingly competitive environment that companies face in commercial establishments.
That’s why our company has been launched to specialize in the field of intellectual property rights.
We are proud of our team of experts who are strongly committed to their profession and society. They are well equipped with advanced technologies to maximize professional service to meet the clients’ needs.
By working on innovative solutions and following a professional approach, we were able to become one of the most efficient and reliable providers of intellectual property management services, as we understand the needs of clients completely and appreciate the urgent need to protect their ideas and ways of expressing them, so we are creative in preserving the original patents, trademarks, copyrights, and Industrial design. As an additional value, we also provide our clients with other services according to their needs to support them, such as Translation, Pro services, Business Brokerage, and Business Management consultancy.

Our Vision .

We build success based on transparency, trust, and driving change!

We aspire to expand our success base and consolidate our company’s name as one of the pioneers in the field of intellectual property services by providing trustworthy advice and high-quality services and driving change in intellectual property services through smart innovation towards closer and more dynamic relationships with our clients.

In the field of Intellectual Property:

  • International standard is our goal.
  • Empowering and motivating our employees to get there is our area of excellence.
  • Our performance speaks up about us.

Our Mission .

Efficiency… Transparency…. Creativity

We provide our clients with excellent, innovative, and transparent support for their development, protection, and good management of their Intellectual Property.
We are leading by that new concept through intelligent innovation towards ever closer and more dynamic relationships with our clients, contributing by that in being part of a safer, smarter, and sustainable world.
We are committed to building a comprehensive intellectual property system that serves the needs of clients and helps them maintain the vision of their ideas, collaborating with the most talented, creative, and dynamic people and organizations in the technology market, research, and industry by providing comprehensive intellectual property consultancy services, and striving to develop deep and trusted relationships to achieve extraordinary results.
We are also responsible for fostering an environment of collaboration, growth, and achievement in order to provide a workplace focused on excellence, productivity, and professionalism.

Our Values .

Intellectual property creation, application, and protection are easy and accessible to all.


 We respect and promote fairness, equity, and equality in the provision of services and functions, with respect to individual differences between clients, to ensure that no one is deprived of (his/her) rights as required by law.


We appreciate our work’s sensitivity and the need to take responsibility in every detail, and we adhere to the requirements of the client until achieving his final goal.


We deal with ethics, honesty, and decency in the performance of duties, avoid conflicts of interest, and work in a professional manner based on openness and transparency.


We create and maintain a culture of excellence in the company and work to support the quality management system for continuous improvement in work processes to provide high-quality service and achieve high customer satisfaction.

Our Services .

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    Bunisness Consulting Services

    Creating and protecting Intellectual Property are not enough to have a working product. We stand with you […]
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    A patent is an exclusive right that allows an inventor to exclude others from making, using, or […]
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    Trademarks and service marks are words, names, symbols, or devices used by manufacturers of goods and service […]
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    Copyright is a set of exclusive rights granted to the author or creator of original work, including […]
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    Industrial Design

    The owner of a registered industrial design has the right to prevent others from making, selling, or […]
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    IP Portfolio Management

    By managing the intellectual property portfolio, we supervise a group of intellectual property rights in order to […]
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    IP Portfolio Strategy

    With our experience and knowledge in all aspects of Intellectual Property, we work together with our clients […]
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    Other extra services to support our clients including: Public Relation Services Business Brokerage Management consultancy Startup Translation […]

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